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Leading Supplier of Innovative Solutions in the Field of ICT
Providing Network Solutions and Control Systems Based on Network Protocol
Consulting, Sales and Support Network Equipments, IP Cameras and VOIP Projects
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Pooya Fara Negar Co
 PFN Technology Group
Manufacturer of UPS


Pishgaman Dadepardazan Shahbaz Co. Ltd. (PDSH) is a leading company in providing network solutions and control & surveillance systems based on network protocol. PDSH, holding exclusive representations of several huge, credible companies worldwide, possessing several decades of efficient experience in web-connections, assuming scientific and functional updated solutions, and utilizing a wide range of strong products based on advanced IT, will acquaint you with the latest network products worldwide in order to pave the development, progress and productivity increase grounds.

A part of PDSH activity fields:

  1. ♦ Designing and implementation of monitoring, control & surveillance comprehensive systems based on internet protocol (IP Surveillance), utilizing the hi-tech MegaPixel FULL HD cameras , and network attached storage (NAS) equipment, for the purpose of long-term data reservation according to the customer demand.
  2. ♦ Transfer of sound and vision via Voice Over IP (VOlP) method through networks.
  3. ♦ Designing and creating Hot Spot centers, as well as Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) start up for submitting internet services.
  4. ♦ Designing, installing and start up of all sorts of computer networks.
  5. ♦ Providing solutions on Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID).
  6. ♦ Network , camera and VOIP consultation, sales and support.


PDSH is not affiliated to any political party or government organization, either locally or internationally, and its activities are only in way of delivering optimal services to its customers.