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Provision of New Ways of Communication New Solutions with Wireless Networks
CCTV Design and Implementation of Network CCTV Security Systems and Monitoring
VoIP Audio/video Transmission Over Ethernet Solutions

Advanced services

  • VoOIP (Voice over IP)
  • Transfer of sound and vision via Voice Over IP (VOlP) method through networks.

  • RFID
  • Providing solutions on radio frequency identification technology (RFID), and relevant controlling & surveillance systems.

  • Networking
  • Designing, installing and start up of all sorts of computer networks.

    IP Surveillance
    Designation and performance of monitoring, control & surveillance comprehensive systems based on internet protocol (IP Surveillance), utilizing the hi-tech MegaPixel FULL-HD cameras , and network attached storage (NAS) equipment, for the purpose of long-term data reservation according to the customer demand.


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